The Persefon Team


Marc A. Meyer, Managing Director

Marc’s background includes 15 years at research labs including UC Berkeley, Xerox PARC, DEC, and Interval.  He was a founder or co-founder at 4 startups, resulting in one IPO and two acquisitions, including Tibco, and Activeweave where he was CEO.   He has held technical, CEO, CTO, and Product positions.

Marc has a Master’s in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

He founded Persefon in 2009.

Jean Sini, Associated Director

Jean is a French Computer Scientist and Author whose background includes Oracle, Symbol Systems, CTO and co-founder at Activeweave with Marc, VP of Engineering at Mint, Intuit, CTO at one King’s Lane, and currently CTO and co-founder with Aaron Patzer at Leonardo.

John Fogelin, Associated Director

John has degrees from Dartmouth and UC Berkeley, and served as founder, VP Engineering and CTO at Wind River, where he led a team of 800 people.   He was a founder at BitHarmony, and VP Engineering at Berkeley Bionics.  He is currently Principal Technologist, MCU Software Platforms at Atmel, Norway.